March 15 - 17, 2024


Join the industry professionals and be part of one of the largest and longest running home shows in the state. Produced by a team of experts…the North Central West Virginia Home Builders Association. The Morgantown Home Show exhibitor information found below.

Why Exhibit at the Morgantown Home Show?

Since 1985, the North Central West Virginia Home Builders Association has served the North Central WV area. Every year, our Morgantown Home Show brings in thousands of homeowners all with one thing in mind… home improvement.

Baby boomers are now earning at the peak of their potential. Adult children are returning to the nest to take care of elderly parents. Homeowners are fixing up their current homes and adding on rather than buying new homes in this fluctuating market. Kitchens and bathrooms are being updated both to accommodate more adults in the home and to increase the value of the home in preparation for sales that may still be years away. Extended families need expanded living spaces such as great rooms and dens and refinished basements. Additionally, many people are working from home. As such, home offices are a must. With current smart technology at our fingertips – in our phones and tablets – homeowners are interested in home automation. And with the cost of electricity, fuel oil and gas, consumers are looking for ways to save via insulation, blinds and shades, improved windows and siding, and other energy efficient products and services. Smart homeowners are looking for green products that can save them money or time while helping the environment. And do-it-yourself television shows have increased consumer awareness on curb appeal and landscaping.

To request your exhibitor space online, click here. Or, order your exhibitor space via phone or mail by downloading our Morgantown Home Show Booth Reservation Form.

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